September ’16



Sour Apple Fancy Ice

Tart local “Crabbies” mixed with Granny Smith Apples pack a puckering punch, now available at Spruce Harbor locations. This Real Fruit Fancy Ice pairs well with our Vanilla Bean Custard as an end of season Layered Luau.


Back To School Milkshake

Try Concord Grape and Peanut Butter Ice Creams mixed into a scholastic blast of nostalgia.


Pumpkin Ice Cream!!!

Like a slice of Grandma’s pie – Pumpkin Ice Cream moves the seasons. In pursuit of purity and Franklin excellence, we’ve simplified our recipe using local, naturally cooked Pumpkins and Baking Spices. It’s also available in Vegan Coconut Cream, and can be found at The Franklin Fountain and the S.S. Franklin Fountain at Spruce Street Harbor Park.


Fall Flare At Spruce Street Summerfest

The S.S. Franklin Fountain is now serving Apple Cider Ice, Salted Honeycomb Ice Cream, and Pumpkin Ice Cream or vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream. Look out later in the month for fresh Hot Waffles served with Caramelized Banana Topping, Hot and Cold Apple Cider, and our Great Pumpkin Sundae.


Apple Cider Caramel

Tart and sweet, with a touch of spice, our Apple Cider Caramels are made with locally pressed Cider, and dipped in creamy Milk Chocolate.


Double Dip Coffee Cream

Introducing our Double Dip Coffee Cream, a creamy center of Sugar cooked with Coffee, dipped in milky White Chocolate, and dipped again in dark, house-roasted Chocolate infused with Coffee. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.


Celebrate Honey

September is National Honey Month! Our Honey Lavender and Honey Earl Grey are absolute ambrosia, and our jarred honey is harvested from our rooftop hives – you can’t get more local than that.


History and Haunt!

Every Friday and Sunday at 6:30 PM, get your dose of confectionery history. September 30th – October 16th enjoy our tour with a little Autumnal flavor. Space is limited, so call ahead. $8 per guest.Boo! Shane Confectionery is hosting a Halowe’en Haunt for four nights October 21st, 23rd, 28th, and 30th. Travel through America’s oldest continuously operated confectionery, and trick-or-treat from our ghastly ghouls. Collect curious candies, hair-raising histories, and spectral stories! A hallowed eve for grown-ups, ages 10+ suggested. Space is limited so call ahead; $13 per guest.


Tasting Squares

Take home our very first house-roasted Chocolate Tasting Square! With ever-rotating origins, come in often to see what we are pouring. From our staff favorite micro lot from the Cedeño Farm in Ecuador, to our new 70% Guatemalan, chocolate has so much breadth to taste.


Liberty Bell Drinking Chocolate

Crack into our house-made Chocolate Liberty Bells and unveil the treasure inside. Pour hot Drinking Chocolate atop and watch as the Chocolate melts and releases a flurry of house-made Marshmallows.



A Taste of History

A few months ago we had the pleasure of showing Chef Walter Staib how to mould ice cream and clear toy, and how to dip a buttercream. Follow the link to see us present Chef Staib with a lobster dinner made without a shred of seafood!

Honey & Chocolate Tasting

We are hosting a Honey and Chocolate tasting, Friday, September 16th, at 8PM. Come sample four local Honeys and four of our craft Chocolates. Space is limited, $18 per ticket, call or stop by the shop today!
(215) 922-1048


Philadelphia Honey Festival

The Philadelphia Honey Festival (Sept. 9-11) was started 7 years ago to raise awareness about the importance of honey bees to our environment and food supply, and to promote urban beekeeping and gardening. With activities like open hive talks, honey extraction demonstrations, children’s crafts and even a Bee Beard, it’s an event not to be missed! Visit the Philly Honey Fest website for more information.


New York City Ice Cream Museum

A day with the Berley Brothers in the Big Apple is not complete without an Ice Cream experience. Recently Ryan and Eric visited the pop up Ice Cream Museum in the hip Meatpacking Industry, where they swam in a pool of Jimmies, scooped gobs of lard onto a sundae dish, and with the help of some miracle berries gobbled up whole lemons with relish.

from ourarchives

Old School Haunts

September means back to school! This 19th century Philadelphia confectionery trade card reminds us of the geometry and astronomy textbooks we wish we’d studied! Geometric patterns and astrological symbols were favored design elements at the turn of the century, when membership in secret and fraternal societies was at an all time high. “Old knowledge” and iconography of ancient cultures, such as astrological symbols were “rediscovered” and often used as design elements.

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August ’16


Paw Paw Ice Cream

A fruit native to North America, Paw Paw is part of our Forgotten Flavors series at The Franklin Fountain. A cross between a floral banana and a sweet mango, the pulpy flesh matures sweetly in late summer. It’s hard to believe these exotic beauties grow naturally nearby. Look for it late in August, and again in September on our Featured Flavors board!

franklin freeze 2

August Franklin Freeze

What’s tart and sweet and pink all over? Why it’s our August Freeze! A signature smash of our Cherry Fancy Ice, Peach Ice Cream (made with local fruit), and our bracingly tart Lemonade. Our Franklin Freeze is thinner than a true Philly Milkshake, easier to digest in the Summer, and more thirst-quenching. Pick your own!

ShaneConfectionery-horizontalkey lime marshmallow

Key Lime Marshmallows

Try a new take on an old favorite; our Key Lime Marshmallows dipped in Dark Chocolate. Bright, summery, and oh so delicious!

Lovely Licorice

We have 20 different varieties of Black Licorice! From sweet to salty and imported from Amsterdam to Australia, we have something for everyone, from the confident connoisseur to the tentative taster. Don’t be shy, ask for a sample! Our clerks love introducing new flavors to our customers and are happy to guide you through our selection.


Askinosie Chocolate Bars

We are always working to bring you a wide selection of new and delicious Bean-to-Bar chocolate bars. This month we’ve added two new bars from Askinosie: White Chocolate & Pistachio, and Dark Milk Chocolate & Black Licorice.


Single-Origin Nicaraguan Chocolate Milkshakes

Certified organic Cocoa Beans from Nicaragua lend an intense dark Chocolate character, with light hints of Medjool Dates and Licorice. Available now in the Chocolate Café.

Garden Mint Chip

Freshly picked sweet mint from our rooftop garden, steeped in local cream from grass fed cows, churned with a flurry of house roasted chocolate flakes. Available Eclusively The Chocolate Café in half pints.
PressAndEventsABC july 2016

Channel 6 News Ice Cream Roundup

Watch the Berley Brothers make and chat over Ice Cream Floats with Alicia Vitarelli.

Billy Penn Danya Henninger_web

Presidents & Penn

When WHYY and Billy Penn caught wind that we were cooking up some unseasonal July Clear Toy, they chomped at the chance to interview us! Listen to Ryan and Pavia speak with Lari Robling on WHYY about Clear Toy, and why we have busts of Taft, Roosevelt, and McKinley. Then head over to Billy Penn to watch some Clear Toy making action, as Pavia speaks with Danya Henninger about our rare William Penn mold.

FINHP_ Logo_2 copy

Centennial National Parks Ice Cream

The Friends of Independence National Park are celebrating the centennial of the National Parks Department with a picnic serenaded by bluegrass music, August 25th from 5pm to 8pm on Independence Mall. Free and open to the public. Bring your own supper or purchase a picnic basket from the Independence Mall Cafe – but make sure to save room for dessert! Scoops of our Centennial Cake Ice Cream will be given out while supplies last, then sold throughout the event.

from ourarchivese.CSh.12.l19.0005_web

Cool Off

As summer drifts on, indulge in a tranquil respite at the Chocolate Café. Sip a refreshing iced cocoa brew, while you explore the visual of the retail experience with our mini-exhibit of turn-of-the-century trade cards, such as this one from local florist and confectioner Odiner Edwards.


The Franklin Fountain on The Today Show

The Philly Phanatic served Franklin Fountain milkshakes to the cast of the today show earlier this month.

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