January ’15


tenochtitlan sundae cropped

Tenochtitlan (pronounced Ten-Oh-Teetch-Lan) Sundae

Our Aztec Temple of Chocolate builds upon our Spicy Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Pyramid surrounded by a moat of Hot Fudge memorializing Moctezuma, an offering of Cocoa-Dusted Peppercorns and Crunchy Cayenne Spanish Peanuts, set ablaze in Cinnamon Whipped Cream and studded with a Golden Coin of dark chocolate.

KMBT_C224e-20150102104851Steven Foster’s Banana Cake Ice Cream

Stephen Foster, a native Pennsylvanian, is considered the father of American song-writing.  A little known fact holds that “Oh Susanna!” was debuted in 1847 at an ice cream saloon in Pittsburgh.  We’ve honored Foster’s contributions to Americana with a melody of sweet flavor; delicious brown buttered banana rum cake twirling throughout.  We do think you will be pleased with this gustatory sing-a-long.

midwinter sorbetMid-Winter Glogg Sorbet

Glögg Mulled over the fire with Blueberries, Cranberries, Apple Cider with Oranges, Cloves, Cinnamon, Anise, and Nutmeg.


hotchocoicecreamHot Chocolate Ice Cream

Inspired by our luscious Aztec sipping Hot Chocolate at Shane’s Chocolate Café – Heated by Guajillo and Arbol Chilis perfumed by Cinnamon & Vanilla, this seasonal ice cream will challenge preconceptions of cool creamy sweetness and warm the tongue & throat like no other concoction.  Pairs well with Vanilla & Maple Walnut Ice Creams & melts graciously into to steamy cups of cocoa.



Available year-round dipped in Dark Chocolate, our House-Made Marzipan is made with almond meal & confectioners sugar and flavored with a hint of rose water.  For the new year we are also offering marzipan pigs!  An ancient German tradition, these have been exchanged for centuries around the holidays, bringing good luck for the year ahead.  Available now at Shane Confectionery and online!

orange peelGet thee to an Orangery!

Fresh House-Made candied orange peel, boiled tart and dusted sweet, then dipped as a pair together in dark chocolate.  Sold individually or boxed at Shane’s.

champ truffleShane’s Champagne Fizz Truffle

We’re uncorking some Champagne truffles that POP in your mouth.  A white chocolate truffle made with port wine, champagne extract and a coating of popping sugar…It’s the fireworks at midnight on your taste buds!

SidewalkSign-PVCShane Chocolate Cafe

Now featuring an extensive menu of historical drinking chocolates from around the world located in America’s oldest candy kitchen.

choco drink

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December ’14


Shop Now for the Holidays

Looking for that perfect holiday gift?  Shop online or visit Shane Confectionery to peruse our selection of unique and delicious treats.  Then reward yourself with a trip to The Franklin Fountain!  Gift Certificates for both The Franklin Fountain & Shane Confectionery are also available online to fill the Stocking of your favorite Philadelphian.  Shane Confectionery also offers Corporate Gift options.  Call (215) 922-1048 or email Joey@shanecandies.com to learn more.



December Seasonal Ice Creams are Here!

Egg Nogg & Chestnut Ice Creams meet many Warm Fountain Friends – Wassaling in Maples Sweetened Waffle Cones or Skating atop a Sofocando.



Holiday Hot Fudge Sundae

Handmade Red & Green Peppermint Candy ribbons thru white cold Peppermint Stick Ice Cream bathed in a Hot Fudge Blanket.  This Comforting Cold Weather Treat is the perfect choice after a Show or Fun Outdoor Activity – also available with dairy-free Peppermint Stick ice cream!


ChristmasCarolCrunch“A Christmas Carol Crunch” Sundae

This elaborate dish features Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Sticky Pudding Cake, topped by candied English Walnuts and pools of house-made hot Caramel Sauce.  It is spooked thricely by Dickensian Christmas spirits, and we suspect that it would go over quite well at one of Fezziwig’s ‘Cheery’ parties.


gloggA Hot New Soda: Glögg

Our glögg is an ode to the Swedish hot drink.  We have simmered local apple cider with whole NJ blueberries & cranberries.  Mulled with cloves, cinnamon, star anise, and splashed with a hint of citrus, it’s the perfect pick me up after a cold winter activity.


Gift_Bask2Gifts from The Fountain

The Franklin Fountain has the perfect gift for the Holidays…  Ice Cream!  Indulge in a break from holiday shopping and cross some names off your list at the same time with a gift certificate from The Franklin Fountain.  (also available online) Our hand-made whole pies make the perfect hostess gift.  Or pick up a set of our jarred house-made toppings as a gift or for a make-your-own sundae bar at home.



Gingerspice Buttercream

Our renowned buttercream spiced with Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon, and Ginger coated in smooth White Chocolate.  A piece of house-made Candied Orange Peel is the perfect finish to this holiday confection.


Peppermint Marshmallows & Peppermint Bark

A seasonal twist on a classic – our Vanilla Marshmallows are flavored with Peppermint, dipped in Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with a dash of crushed Peppermint Candy.  For a more traditional treat layers of Dark & White Chocolate mixed with crushed Candy Cane pieces compose our Peppermint Bark.  Either pairs nicely with a steaming cup of hot cocoa from our Chocolate Café on a cold winter’s day!


Gift of the Magi Assortments

In the true Spirit of the Season enjoy this chocolate trio, which features Truffles of Frankincense and Myrrh complemented by a Milk Chocolate Honey Caramel topped in shimmering Gold.



Have a cup of Rock & Rye

Rock & Rye is made by combining Rock Candy with sliced Citrus and Rye Whiskey for a soothing and satisfying drink.  Make your own concoction at home with our jarred Clear Toy Coins – we recommend locally distilled Dad’s Hat Whiskey (or milk for a kid-friendly adaptation).  We’ve also employed Bristol, PA’s Dad’s Hat Whiskey Rye for our Whiskey Caramels, dipped in Dark Chocolate & sprinkled with toasted Rye Seeds.



Our confectioners are also rolling out a line of Truffles which this year are set to boast such seasonal flavors as Mulled Wine, Fig & Pistachio, White Chocolate Egg Nogg, Mint, Cherry Black Forest, Hot Chocolate with Spiced Peanuts & more!




Cozy up this week with a sneak preview of our brand new chocolate cafe.  Stone ground cacao teas & drinking chocolates are available now.  Located in the back of Shane Confectionery at
110 Market Street.

Full menu coming soon!

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